Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Fun for The Pure Baby and Brothers!

We have SNOW!!!  We got 3-4 inches on Friday, and it is still with us now.  Plus, it is supposed to snow more tomorrow :)

My older boys are extremely thrilled about the snow!  They pray for snow all of the time, and they pray for us to move back to where we used to live - so that we can get lots of snow all winter.  Where we live now, each winter brings some snow - but not a good, continuous quantity.

Happily, after living in the Northeast, my boys are fully prepared for snow play!  We've got the snowsuits, snow boots, mittens, hats, a snowboard, and a good amount of sleds.  And to make it even better, we have great hills in both our yard and our neighbors' yard!

The Pure Baby (PB) is also enjoying the snow :)  He loves to tromp around the snow in his cute snow boots.  And, he has been having great fun riding on the sled with his big brothers (who love him so much)!