Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pure Baby - What Does That Mean? (PART THREE)

There is a time span of almost seven years between the births of our second and third babies. Why, you ask? Well, there were two factors. One is that we have moved a lot for my husband’s jobs. In our first son’s life, we have lived in four states and five houses. The second factor is that we were waiting for our first son to recover from autism. The second factor is the biggest one for us. While our first son has not fully recovered, he is much improved and on his way to recovery. His achievements and gains have all resulted from Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Biomedical Treatment.

I’ve continued learning on this biomedical journey, through our three DAN! practitioners, an applicable Yahoo group, and a Ph.D. consultant who has a wealth of knowledge regarding mercury poisoning. I’ve learned about the dangers of vaccinations, why artificial ingredients are bad for everyone, why eating organic is so important, why flame retardants are actually hazardous, how disposable diapers hurt our babies, why babies should be allowed to be born when they are ready, and why a medication-free birth is a necessity for baby.

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