Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sleeper Day for The Pure Baby

The Pure Baby (PB) is having a sleeper day!  Its actually "just another" sleeper day, as PB has been having lots of sleeper days lately :)

Each morning, we are up early at our house, since I have to drive the carpool.  It is a long drive - one hour to school, in chilly weather.  There is lots of traffic, plus we have to stop and pick up a couple kids.  Because of all of this, I have become a fan of keeping PB in his sleeper!  He is warm and cozy, and it is easy!  I just unzip his sleeper, change his diaper, and then zip it back up again.  Easy - and saves time.

My favorite sleepers are the cotton sleepers from The Children's Place.  The Children's Place actually calls them "stretchies".  These sleepers are generously cut, are made from thicker fabric than many similar sleepers, and have nice tread on the feet.

Our first and second babies wore blanket sleepers, but we have avoided those for PB.  I tossed all of our blanket sleepers, when our first son's testing showed high levels of antimony.  Our doctor said that antimony is used as flame retardant in children's sleepwear, and he said that we needed to switch over to cotton, non-flame-retardant sleepwear.  Within a few months of making the move to cotton, my first son's antimony level decreased drastically!  So scary that so many kids are unknowingly being antimony-poisoned by their pajamas!

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