Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gazing at the Sleeping Beauty of The Pure Baby

The Pure Baby (PB) is sleeping again, ever so beautifully :)  I love to look at him.  I love to gaze at his beauty and adore every little part of him.  His nose is so perfect and so adorable.  He has my husband's nose.  He is the first of our three children to have my husband's non-pointy and curved-tip nose :)  PB also has my husband's mouth.  He usually sleeps with his lips open a bit, so that I can see just a hint of his cute white teeth :)  PB has beautiful big blue eyes - the same blue eyes as his brothers.  Actually, our whole family has blue eyes :)  Of course, I cannot see his eyes right now since he is sleeping.  Instead, I see his soft eyelids, lined with his long eyelashes.  PB has the trademark forehead of my husband's family.  All three of our children have this strong and slightly prominent forehead :) PB has perfectly arched eyebrows.  When he was tiny, so many people commented on his beauty - especially his eyebrows.

Holding my baby while he sleeps is such an honor.  I'm the one he wants to be with during sleep.  I feel so loved :)  And, I love PB so very much.  I treasure PB, and I treasure this time in PB's babyhood.

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