Monday, February 15, 2010

Chicago is the Place for Us!

 I've been spending some time looking at the website of Homefirst in Chicago.  Wow!  I am amazed!  I had heard of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein but was not aware of the extent of his greatness.  I've never even been to Chicago, but I want to move there so that our family can be part of Dr. Eisenstein's incredible medical practice!

What is so special about Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, you may ask?  Well, he appears to be an extreme rarity in the world of doctors.  According to Dr. Eisenstein, all vaccines cause neurological damage, and he therefore does not administer vaccines in his Homefirst practice.  And guess what?  None of his (non-vaccinated) patients have autism!  Is anyone noticing this clear connection between no vaccinations and no autism?  It sounds just like the Amish, as the Amish also carry these two unusual and distinguishing traits.  Some skeptics may write off the Amish "phenomenon" as genetic, but can they write off the Homefirst patient base - which clearly has no genetic connection?  I think not!

Additionally, Dr. Eisenstein and his team of doctors at Homefirst are homebirth doctors!  You read that right.  These doctors actually come to your house, to provide any needed assistance, while you birth your baby your way.  You get crunchy midwife-like care, along with the extra expertise a doctor may have :) 

So now I have to convince my husband that we need to move to Chicago!  We likely will be moving somewhere in the next year or two, so I've got to get the focus onto Chicago!  I'm planning to have a homebirth when The Pure Baby has a new baby brother or sister, and I think my husband's comfort level would go way up if we had a doctor on hand. 

Being part of a non-vaccinating medical practice is extremely appealing and comforting to me.  Where we live now, it is impossible to have a pediatrician for a non-vaccinated child.  Even though we live in a major city, we have to drive two hours to see my children's family practitioner.  Two hours!  He is the only one in the area who would take them on as patients.  All of the local pediatricians are apparently too scared, having likely been subjected to intimidation by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Even if these pediatricians do believe that vaccines are harmful, they are too scared to say so.  And, they are additionally too scared to have non-vaccinated children in their patient base.  On the other hand, Dr. Eisenstein fearlessly proclaims that vaccines are harmful, and makes a safe medical home for non-vaccinating families. 


  1. I want to live in Chicago! It is very hard to find drs that truly support you. Alot of them say they do but when it comes down to it they pressure you into something they want you to do. Good luck convincing your hubby!

  2. Sounds like the place for me! I am so tired of my doctor looking at me like I have 5 heads every time I have an opinion about something. I know he is the expert, but I am the MOM! If I choose not to vaccinate that is my opinion. You can give me yours, but I don't need to be treated like I don't have a brain.

    Plus, the professionals are the ones who put my son on Singulair and then a year later realized they misdiagnosed them and that Singulair and Autism so NOT mix. Ughhh!

  3. Thanks for following and commenting, Melissa and Mommy To Two Boys!
    (I used to be a mommy to two boys too - but now I'm a mommy to three boys :)

    It does seem to be all about *the doctor* rather than the child. We've lived in four states, and it can be difficult to find a pediatrician. In our last state, I could find no doctor to see my children, as all refused due to our vax status. I finally found one thru a homebirth midwife. And then, it was hush hush.

    MTTB - A few years ago - prob before your son was born - Singulair was a hot/fad DAN! treatment... I think it was supposed to help with the all familiar inflammation. Since I had had my own negative Singulair experience, I did not let my son use it. My experience: I was given Singulair for an asthma cough. It made my cough 100 times worse. Additionally, I could not sleep and gained 10 pounds in 2 days (on my small body). I had to take steroids to recover from Singulair. After this reaction, our DAN! read that my experience is not rare...