Friday, April 8, 2011

Our New Kanga XT!

Our new Kanga XT went to the zoo!  The Pure Baby (PB) fed a giraffe, from the safety of his Kanga XT :)  He was a bit apprehensive, but the option of safely being behind mom brought suffficient bravery to allow PB to participate in this fun privilege.

After months on the Bloo Kangeroo custom wait list, I was extremely thrilled to receive my new Kanga XT in the mail.  I absolutely love the Marimekko Unikko fabric that a very sweet babywearing friend shared with me!  Thank you so much :)  And Kirsten at Bloo-Kangeroo did a marvelous job and created perfect matching strap canvas!  I love love love my new Kanga XT!!!

Our new Kanga XT has a petite waist, extra-petite straps, and has a 1/2 inch wider base on each side.  The 1/2 inch wider base allows for the knee to knee support that you can see above, even in an older baby/toddler.  At the same time, Kirsten says that our Kanga XT should be fine for a younger baby around 12 months or so (and up).