Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Peaceful Day at Home for the Pure Baby (and Mom)

Today I am basking in the joy of spending the entire (school) day at home with The Pure Baby (PB)!  I am so thrilled to have this day of peaceful happiness with my little man :)  This is the first time that we have been home alone together all day, with the exception of the days following PB's birth and a couple times that I was very ill with mastitis.  No, I - a mom of three - do not dream of time alone.  Rather, I adore having time alone with my PB, treasuring my sweet baby!
This morning, my husband drove the carpool to school!  He had a meeting nearby our school, which allowed for this great happening.  Driving the carpool to school is a big undertaking, which includes our two older boys plus two other boys on a one hour drive to school.  The part of the drive that includes the other two boys is *not peaceful* to the point that we have to play a DVD for that part of the drive.

I am looking to this day as a day of peace that will help to reduce my high stress level.  I've been feeling quite stressed lately.  Life here at our house can get to be too much sometimes.  Despite our many blessings, our life is not easy.  My life has never been easy nor has my husband's.  We both neglected to draw the "easy life" straws.  We both had difficult childhoods, peaking in trauma at about the same time on the calendar.  Now in our life together, we have a child who is recovering from autism.  Yes, he is recovering, and that is great and wonderful.  But, it still is not easy.  We have so much more to deal with than those who drew the "easy life" straws.  Our son still has behaviors.  Our son's biomedical treatment costs us a tremendous amount of money.  And, we truly don't know the future of our son's recovery. 

So today, PB and I are relaxing together.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, during which PB ate a pear (his favorite!) plus much more - as PB is a big eater.  We've done some laundry, and we organized PB's toys.  We found some missing pieces under the couch!  PB and I have also been playing with his favorite Primo Legos!  We have this set that I've linked to, plus a circus set.  We've been stacking the bricks according to color and playing with the people!  PB absolutely loves it when I make the Primo Lego people talk to him :)  My mom used to make all the Fisher Price Little People talk for me, and I remember how fun that was!

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