Friday, April 16, 2010

The Pure Baby is back from Spring Break

The Pure Baby (PB) has been absent for the past couple weeks, due to a combination of Spring Break and a new computer.  But, now The Pure Baby is back, with an abundance of upcoming posts :)

The new computer is super, and I love it!  But, moving everything from the old computer to the new computer has been a bit time-comsuming.  We've almost got everything taken care of now, though :)

Spring Break was filled with local activites.

We spent an unseasonably very-hot-day at the zoo.  Yuck Yuck Yuck.  I'm am so not a fan of hot days.  As you may notice from the pictures below, it was also PB's Birthday!  (I'll have more about that in the next few days).

We went on a picnic at a local park, where PB enjoyed gathering nature items for his bucket.  Even though PB's brothers love the playground, PB is not yet interested.

We also visited the nature center two times, where PB's brothers are able to participate in the nature exchange.  When you bring in nature items, you can exchange them for points.  The better your item, the more points you earn.  PB's brothers have found very interesting items to turn in - such as a deer jaw and turtle shells.  So far, they have used their points to buy deer antlers, a deer antler rack (that can be mounted!), and a snakeskin. 

We spent a morning at our local Anne Frank exhibit, as PB's brothers have great interest in Anne Frank as well as the overall Holocaust. 

We also had a fun day at a local historic-themed amusement park.  It was super crowded!  We had no idea that the place would be overflowing with tour buses.  We had a nice day, but it sure is a lot easier to get around when there aren't crowds!

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