Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling the Kanga XT Love :)

Thanks to some sweet mamas at The Babywearer, The Pure Baby (PB) and I are now feeling the Kanga XT love!  I'm so, so happy about this, as the Kanga XT is the only real arms-out carrier - and PB requires arms-out.

The Babywearer mamas made a few super-helpful suggestions:
(1) Wear the waist belt at my waist - or higher,
(2) Make a deep pocket for PB's bottom, and
(3) Loosen the arm straps.

This has worked perfectly :)  No more lower back (or any) pain.  No more feeling like I am going to fall over backwards.  And, no more feeling like this carrier won't work for me!  I'm not going to need petite straps, after all :) 

Yesterday, on a family outing, I successfully wore PB in our Kanga XT!  I really love it.  Our Kanga XT is so easy for ups and downs, which was really great yesterday when PB     frequently decided he wanted up or down :) 

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