Monday, April 19, 2010

Our New Carrier: A Toddler Bamberoo Delux!

In my quest for a new carrier for The Pure Baby (PB), I have discovered that the really great ones - which, of course, are the ones I want! - are quite difficult to obtain.  My three top choices for a toddler carrier have been Kanga XT, Bamberoo, and Dream Carrier.  All three of these are made by the business owner/work-at-home-mom.  And therefore, the production is definitely limited.  Kanga XT opens a small customs list a few times a year.  Bamberoo offers one custom per week.  Dream Carrier sporadically offers customs.  To acquire any of these, you've got to be quick on the computer and have some great luck.

Another option for acquiring these in-demand carriers is through the For-Sale-or-Trade (FSOT) forum on  There, you can buy a previously-loved carrier.  Still, the popular carriers are not that easy to find on FSOT - unless you've got some amazing luck!

And, the lucky one of late would be me!!!  A week and half ago, I was quick on my fingers and bought a like-new beautiful Toddler Bamberoo Delux mei tai - and for a truly amazing low price!  The fabric is Marimekko Unikko, blue on blue.  This was apparently a custom for someone that ended up not needing it.

In addition to being beautiful, my new Bamberoo is super comfortable for both PB and me!  It is such an improvement over our BabyHawk.  I do still love our BabyHawk, but I think we will mostly be saving that for our next baby, as it just can't comfortably accomodate PB's weight anymore. 

Another bonus of buying an in-demand carrier from FSOT is that I can easily sell it for the same price that I paid!  In fact, I already have a "dibs mama" who wants to purchase my Bamberoo when I'm done with it :)

Yesterday, I had a bit more amazing luck on FSOT!  I bought a previously-loved Kanga XT soft-sided-carrier (SSC) in a beautiful Amy Butler fabric :)  Kanga XTs are next to impossible to find, so I am extremely thankful.  The Kanga XT is especially made for 1 to 5 year olds, who like to ride arms-out.  Given PB's strong desire for arms-out and the fact that no other SSCs allow for easy arms-out, the Kanga XT is a must for us!

After our Kanga XT arrives, I'll give our review and post some pictures.  In the meantime, here are pictures of our new Bamberoo!

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