Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Kanga XT Arrived Yesterday :)

Yesterday, I was so excited to find a fluffy package in the mailbox! I thought it might be there, as it was shipped to me on Monday - and it was :)

When I nervously opened the package, I was dazzled by the amazing beauty of our new Kanga XT.  The Amy Butler fabric is stunning!  I absolutely love a chocolate and light turquoise fabric - and that is what we have now in our new Kanga XT :)

Last night, The Pure Baby (PB) enjoyed riding on my back in our new Kanga XT for a couple hours.  PB is such a happy little babywearing baby, and I adore wearing him as well :)

The big disappointment last night, though, was discovering that my lower back hurt quite a lot by the time I took PB off my back.  Lower back pain is not supposed to happen with babywearing, and I knew that was a bad sign for our future with the beautiful Amy Butler Kanga XT :(

I expected the possibility of our new Kanga XT not fitting quite right, but I was so hopeful that it would...  This Kanga XT has "regular" straps, as opposed to "petite" straps.  The Kanga XT straps do not run overly large (like some SSCs), but it ends up that I do indeed need petite straps.  The petite straps will allow for better support of PB, since I am truly petite.

So, it looks like our time with our lovely Amy Butler Kanga XT is sadly limited.  Right now, I'm in the process of trying to buy a cute brightly-flowered Kanga XT with petite straps :)  Let's just hope it works out!  My amazing luck on TheBabywearer FSOT needs to continue :)  After I secure a Kanga XT with petite straps, I'll be selling the Amy Butler Kanga XT to a happy mama.

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  1. So, is that a specific happy mama already queueing up, or are you taking bids? ;-)