Monday, March 22, 2010

Agonizing over my Choice for my New Baby Carrier

I am getting a new baby carrier!  My mom gave me birthday money, which is more than enough to cover a custom carrier :)  So now, I have to make a choice.  That is proving to be the hard part.  That, as well as the limited availability - and choosing my fabric.

The Pure Baby (PB) is almost 2 years old yet also slim, so I need to choose a toddler carrier that is big enough yet not too big.  Additionally, as a petite mom, it is important for me to get a carrier with petite straps.  From my research, it seems that our best choices are as follows:

(1) Petite Toddler Dream Carrier

(2) Toddler Bamberoo Deluxe

(3) Kanga XT

I've heard super reviews of the Kanga XT.  A big selling point is that it allows for "arms-out" for the baby.  PB is a fan of "arms-out", so it would work quite well.  But, our big problem here, is that the customs list for Kanga XT is full and probably won't open again for quite a while.  So, I'm watching for a used Kanga XT to become available, but they are proving to be few and far between.  And, chances are that it will be next to impossible to find a used Kanga XT with petite straps.

The Toddler Bamberoo Deluxe also has a big following.  Bamberoos are beautiful carriers.  The Toddler Deluxe Model is supposed to be very comfortable and is available with petite straps.  My apprehension is that it may be too big for PB.  I'm trying to figure that out right now...  Bamberoo has two custom slots available each week, but the hard part is getting one of those custom slots.

I think that the Petite Toddler Dream Carrier is going to be the one for us.  Through my research, I've determined that this smaller toddler version will not overwhelm PB's small size.  The "petite" refers to the baby, but Dream Carriers are available with my needed petite straps.  Dream Carriers have a couple custom slots available every two weeks, so they are a bit more difficult to acquire.

The next Dream Carrier custom slots will not be available until next week, so wish me luck in getting a custom slot!

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