Monday, March 15, 2010

The Pure Mom Has a Birthday!

The Pure Mom had a birthday a few days ago!  Lots of family fun at our house :)

The night before my birthday, my husband and The Pure Baby's (PB's) two big brothers baked my birthday cake!  This was their first attempt at baking.  Due to my oldest son's special diet, we are not able to buy cakes.  And, I've just gotten really tired of making my own birthday cake.  So, this year I suggested that my husband and older boys bake the cake!  The three of them baked a yellow cake, covered with butter frosting :)

Although the cake did not turn out perfectly, I greatly appreciate their loving effort :)  Somehow, the frosting was more of a glaze, with most of it pooling on the cake dish.  Something must have been off with the cake itself too, as it was quite dense.  PB actually ended up have tummy pain through the night and was a bit constipated :(

My birthday itself was a super day!  My husband and PB's two big brothers provided a surprise breakfast of Einstein bagels and coffee.  Then, in the evening, my husband grilled his gourmet blue cheese hamburgers, followed by the special birthday cake and gifts :)

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