Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Continuing my Birthday Celebration

A couple days ago, our family went on an outing, in our effort to further celebrate my birthday :)  My older boys chose the place, as they knew I would greatly enjoy watching them have tons of fun.  We went to a local theme park that offers attractions such as a train ride, an elevated climbing course, an obstacle course, a rock wall, and a big play barn.

The older boys' most favorite is the elevated climbing course.  In the last two years, my oldest son has gone from being quite nervous about it, to now whizzing right through with no fear.  My middle son has always been a monkey, though, and he loves it :)

PB's favorite is the big play barn, especially since he is really too little to do anything else aside from the train ride.  He loves to say "Hi dog!" to the pretend animals in the barn, while giving them pats.  So cute :)  He also has great fun on the baby slides.

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