Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're Getting a New Kanga XT!

A couple weeks ago, I was overwhelmingly thrilled to make it onto the Bloo Kangeroo custom list!  It was such a nerve racking and stressful process, though. 

At exactly 10am ET on a Saturday morning, the owner of Bloo Kangeroo accepted the first 50 emails to her custom list.  Within a few seconds after 10am ET, the custom list was full.  Wow!  I think there were sadly lots of disappointed mamas.  As she was putting up the custom list online, I was feeling nervous.  But I was so excited to finally see my name, though it was toward the end.

What's the big deal about Bloo Kangeroo?  For me, Kanga XTKanga XTs are carriers designed for ages 1 through 5 - and allow for baby/child to have his/her arms out.  That, in addition to the head rest which allows The Pure Baby (PB) to nap on my back, is why I love Bloo Kangeroo and the Kanga XT :)

Right now, we have a previously-loved Kanga XT that PB adores.  (See pictures above :)  He loves to be worn in our Kanga XT, and the rest of the time he is talking about it - saying "Kanga Kanga".  PB greatly enjoys having his arms out.  While napping, he likes to fold his arms on my shoulders and put his sweet head down onto his arms :)

Since we love our Kanga XT so much, we are going to get our very own custom Kanga XT!  So exciting :)  I've been searching for the perfect (VERY hard to find) Marimekko Unikko fabric for our Kanga XT, and a very sweet babywearing mama has offered to sell me a beautiful piece - which of course I am buying :) 

Since a Bloo Kangeroo custom slot allows for the purchase of *two* custom carriers, I am thinking of additionally buying a Kanga J for our next little one.  Kanga Js are designed for ages newborn until 12-14 months.  I'm still up in the air about whether I should get a Kanga J or an Olives and Applesauce 16 inch carrier.  (I'm on the Olives and Applesauce custom list too...)  I've never tried either and probably won't, unless I'm lucky enough to find a babywearing group where I can try them out before buying.  Who knows, maybe I should just buy both :) 

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