Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homeschooling: Happy yet Hesitant

We're homeschooling next school year!  Both of our older boys will be homeschoolers.  I truly cannot believe I'm saying that.  It is both hard to comprehend and SCARY, yet there is great potential for happiness.

Our second son will be an excellent homeschooler - beyond excellent actually.  He is super smart and super focused.  100% on everything, with minimal effort.  He even LOVES to learn :) 

Homeschooling our first son sadly does bring worries, though.  I can foresee the complaining.  Too hard.  Too much work.  Crying.  Whining.  Tantrums.  Non-stop begging for TV.

Our first son - though making huge gains toward recovery - is on the autism spectrum.  Despite being super smart himself, everything is just a little more challenging for him.  Less focus.  Less diligence.  Less self-control.  He is truly the sweetest kid ever, but often it is hard to see the real him.

But despite the hesitations and potential for difficulties, we're going to give homeschooling our best effort :)  My friend, also the *homeschooling* mom of a child on the autism spectrum, is sweetly offering encouragement.  So, I'm trying to maintain a positive perspective and think about all of the great happinesses of homeschooling.

We'll have no more:  school driving, nights of homework, crazy mornings, teacher issues, or classmate social issues.

We'll have:  free afternoons for play and activities, more time together, and an easier schedule.

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  1. Congratulations on making the decision to homeschool! You are all going to love it, I'm sure. Homeschooling is so relaxed, so easy - and such a beautiful way to spend time with your children. Make sure to "de-school" your boys (although I guess summer is de-schooling in and of itself :)) Homeschooling is such a different lifestyle -they need some down time from the old way of school.