Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pure Baby Takes A Nap

The Pure Baby (PB) is taking a nap right now, giving me the opportunity to write a few words. Is he in his crib? No. Is he in his swing? No. PB is sleeping on my back! PB fell asleep while breastfeeding. I held him for a while, admiring his beautiful face and hearing his sweet breaths. Then, I put him down on the couch while I strapped on my BabyHawk mei tai carrier. After getting the BabyHawk on, I lifted PB onto my back and tied the BabyHawk straps around him. PB is the baby on my back :)

PB has started to take one big nap in the afternoon, rather than a bunch of little naps through the day. Most of the time, he takes these big naps on my back. Sometimes, it will happen in the car if we are driving, but his naps on my back are by far the longest and the soundest.

I really enjoy our closeness during his naps, and I think he must too! He must be listening to my heartbeat and feeling ever so safe :) I guess we are just like the early Native Americans, who wore their babies on their backs through the day!

PB shares his sleep with me during naps as well as during the night. We’re always together for his sleep, and I think that must feel very comforting. While sharing sleep may not be typical in the United States, an amazing one-half of the world’s population does share sleep with their babies.

I have truly enjoyed sharing sleep with PB. So many moms of babies are SO tired, but the sleep-sharing moms usually are feeling quite well-rested! I know that I am. I have felt well-rested for PB’s entire life, and I attribute that to a couple things. First, sleep sharing has allowed PB and me to have our sleep cycles in sync with each other. Second, night-time breastfeeding is easy with sleep sharing. Since our sleep cycles are in sync, PB and I wake for a feeding at about the same time – but we are not fully awake and easily fall back to sleep. After a quick feeding, PB falls back into a deep sleep, allowing for me to do so as well.

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