Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Pure Baby wears cloth diapers!

A few days ago, The Pure Baby (PB) started telling me when he needs to have his diaper changed! I am so proud of my smart little one :) PB will pat on his cloth diaper, while saying "see", to let me know that he has had a tinkle or a BM.

Yes, PB wears cloth diapers - and it has been a happy experience for all of us :) PB is my third baby, but he is my first baby to be a long-term cloth diaper wearer.

With my first baby, we began with a diaper service, but sadly we only continued for a couple months. It was great to have the diaper service magically provide fresh and clean diapers, yet the diapers were just thin white rectangles that did not seem too effective. Additionally, I had no cloth diapering support. I was just meeting my first mommy friends, and they all used these wonderful little disposables that folded up into a tidy ball. So, I followed their lead into the Pampers realm.

My second baby never had a chance with cloth diapers. He wore Pampers from the beginning. At that time, Pampers had a wonderful reward program going on. If we saved our Pampers points, we could redeem them for Fisher Price toys! And, with two little ones in Pampers, we were able to earn quite a lot of Fisher Price toys. We even earned a two-seater Power Wheels Jeep! So, what's not to love? I had to keep buying those Pampers so that we could fill our playroom.

My third baby is almost seven years younger than my second baby. In those seven years, I became aware of the toxins used in disposable diapers. Scary. I was not going to let my new baby be exposed to toxins, so I made a commitment to cloth diaper PB.

According to The Real Diaper Association, disposable diapers contain three major toxins:
(1) Traces of Dioxin,
(2) Tributyl-tin (TBT),
(3) Sodium Polyacrylate.

(1) Dioxins are a carcinogenic by-product of the bleaching process used to make those disposable diapers white.

(2) TBT has been shown to cause hormonal issues.

(3) Sodium Polyacrylate is a substance that absorbs that urine and becomes a gel in that absorption process. I think that most moms who have used disposable diapers will know what I'm talking about. Really wet diapers become filled with this gel. I have a friend who tossed a very wet disposable diaper down the stairs, leading to a bit of a gel explosion at the bottom of the stairs! And there's more - a substance *very* similar to Sodium Polyacrylate was banned from tampons in 1985, after being linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Yet, the government is allowing its use on our babies' bottoms!

Additionally, in May 2000, the Archives of Disease in Childhood published research showing a potential link between disposable diapers and male infertility. That research can be found here

Our cloth diaper stash includes:
(1) bumGenius! 3.0 One-Size Pocket Diapers
(2) FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers
(3) Thirsties Diaper Covers - Version 2.0
(4) bumGenius! Diaper Doublers
(5) Unbleached Indian Prefold Diapers

I have bought most of our cloth diapers from Maine Cloth Diaper Company. I have been very impressed with their customer service, prices, and products!

At night, PB always wears a bumGenius! 3.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper. I use two inserts in the pocket, and the diaper lasts in the entire night :)

Away from home, PB wears either a bumGenius! 3.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper or a FuzziBunz One-Size Diaper. It seems that bumGenius! is a little better at avoiding overflows (for PB), but I also adore FuzziBunz.

During the day at home, PB mostly wears Unbleached Indian Prefold Diapers with a bumGenius! Diaper Doubler. The Prefold with the Doubler are placed inside a Thirsties Diaper Cover. No pins needed!

That is our cloth diapering story! I'll write more later about our easy wash and dry methods for our cloth diapers.

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