Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jumping up and down with JOY: The happiness of finding a pediatrician :)

The Pure Baby (PB) finally has a pediatrician!!!  I am so super happy :)

PB's new pediatrician is actually a pediatrician that our older boys used to see, back when we lived in this state four years ago. He was a truly wonderful guy. He helped our oldest son (who is on the autism spectrum) with so much. He did all kinds of testing required by our DAN! doctor. He wrote a bunch of notes to the school - lunchtime supplements, diet, clothing issues, and more. He was always available to me for whatever concerns/issues came up.  I was so very thankful for him :)

When PB recently saw his new pediatrician for the first time, he happily remembered our family.  I was a little nervous about asking if he was still on board with taking non-vax patients (especially PB who is 100% non-vax), but I was completely overjoyed at his response of *yes*.  And not only has he taken PB as a patient, he also seemingly made no notation regarding PB's non-vax status.  To top this all off, our pediatrician is homebirth-friendly and actually seems pro-homebirth!  He even recommended homebirth midwives for my future homebirth :)  And as an extra bonus, he even pronouned PB's ethnic name correctly - which lately seems to be a minor miracle 

Unbelievably, this is PB's first real pediatrician.  Previously, there have been no pediatricians who will accept PB as a patient.  Really bizarre.  The pediatricians in our former states have required either (1) vaccinations per their schedule or (2) me signing off on a form stating that I was endangering the life of my child as well as the lives of everyone else by not vaccinating.  Crazy.

When PB was one week old, the front desk women at a  supposed non-vax pediatrician's office attempted to bully me into signing the form - by refusing to let me leave the office!  After all we've been through, I'm a tough mama - and not to be bullied :)  I made my way out of the office (while babywearing my one week old baby!), only to start getting phone calls from the county health department.  Due to the wonderful gift of Caller ID, I was able to let the bullying end there.

I'm so very appreciative of our new (and old) pediatrician :)  While I am very much not a fan of where we live, finding him (again) makes living here almost tolerable.  I'm so glad to have a pediatrician for PB, especially since he is actually ill for the first time right now.  Adding in the fact that homebirth is actually legal here - and with a CNM midwife - maybe I'll be finding some peace in living in this not-so-favorite state of mine.

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