Sunday, May 1, 2011

Babywearing: "Available-now" options, when you can't wait for a custom carrier

Recently, quite a few moms and grandmas have asked me about my Kanga XT.  While I LOVE my Kanga XT, I've been thinking that I should post a bit of information about how to get a Kanga XT of your own as well as thoughts about possible alternative carriers that are easier to obtain.

Kanga XT is made by one work-at-home-mom named Kirsten.  She produces custom carriers, using a custom wait list.  Lately, it seems that the custom wait lists take about 6 months to complete.  The custom list is open for a very short amount of time (as in a couple of minutes).  If you are interested in getting on the custom list, you should join her yahoo group.  There, she makes announcements regarding the custom lists.  She also occasionally posts in-stock carriers for sale:  Kanga XT, Kanga X2, and Kanga J.

My Kanga XTs are the only buckle carriers that I have owned.  Therefore, I truly have no expertise on other ABCs, and I can only recommend based on friends' experiences.  (Buckle baby carriers are known as "All Buckle Carriers" or "ABCs" and "Soft Structured Carriers" or "SSCs".)

For petite moms, the following carriers are supposed to work quite well.  Please keep in mind, though, that fit varies person-to person.  Additionally, these carriers often work well for non-petite moms.

1- Pikkolo by cat bird baby

2- Oh SNAP! by BabyHawk

3- Angelpack LX

4- Action Baby Carrier

5- Calyx  (I am unsure if this company is currently in production.)

In addition to the above carriers, the following carriers are supposed to work very well for non-petite moms:

1- ERGO baby carrier 

2- bECO baby carrier

Another option to find a great carrier is For Sale or Trade at  This is place to buy and sell previously-loved carriers.  I bought my first Kanga XT here, as well as other carriers :)

Please note that the above listing is definitely not exhaustive and is based on second-hand experience :)

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