Friday, August 13, 2010

Knitting a Wool Soaker for The Pure Baby!

Thanks to an online tutorial from Tiny Bird Organics, I am knitting a wool soaker for The Pure Baby (PB).  A wool soaker is a water-resistant/water-proof wool cover for prefold cloth diapers. 

Since before PB was born, I've heard great reviews of wool soakers.  But, since I did not knit and did not want to pay the hefty price that wool soakers go for, we've not owned any.

A while back, I got a super deal on a basic learning-to-knit kit.  So, a couple weeks ago, I pulled it out and decided to learn to knit!  Through the kit book, as well as a few videos online, I was able to master enough knitting skill to get started on my first knitting project - PB's wool soaker.  I picked up a cute 90% wool yarn at my local chain craft store and got started! 

What you see in the picture will be the front, with the ribbed part at the bottom being the front waist.  I'm about halfway through the project, and wow, I'm amazed that I could do this :)

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