Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going GF/CF!

I'm going GF/CF.  I'm finally giving the diet a try - for me :)

GF/CF = Gluten Free / Casein Free.  Basically, that means avoiding all dairy products as well as certain grains:  wheat, barley, rye, kamut, spelt, and possibly oats.  Thankfully, the oats avoidance is easily remedied by the use of gluten-free oats.

Given that a large majority of autism moms have their own health (often auto-immune) problems, I should really expect to benefit from the GF/CF diet.  And I do see that I am benefiting!  Since starting on Monday, I am already seeing a great improvement in my nasal allergy condition :)

I have FOUGHT hard against doing this diet - for years!  Our oldest son has spent a good number of years on the GF/CF diet.  I've done so much special diet cooking, yet I have really, REALLY not wanted to be on a special diet for *me*. 

Our son's first DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doc said, based on my testing, I needed to go gluten-free.  At that time, I was way too wound up in being overwhelmed with major behavior problems of a 4-year-old on the autism spectrum.  I just could not and would not address my own health problems.  Since then, I've been to other practitioners who have repeated the same advice - go gluten-free.  So, I just decided to finally do it.  And why not make it more fun by going CF as well, you know?

So far, it really isn't too bad.  Since I am not on the Feingold Diet as well, GF/CF is easier for me than for our oldest son.  I've not delved into lots of baking yet, but I've found the Pamela's GF/CF baking mixes to be quite excellent as well as the Van's GF/CF frozen waffles.  For dairy substitutes, I've used Almond Breeze milk and Earth Balance margarine.  I bought all of this at our local Whole Foods Market, but many large supermakets also have an impressive GF/CF inventory.

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