Friday, July 2, 2010

Swine Flu - The Epidemic That Never Was

According to Fox News, 40 million doses of expired swine flu vaccine will be burned, at a total loss of $260 million (to the American people!).  And that is not all.  Another 30 million doses are standing by, waiting for their upcoming expiration.

I guess the good news - or possibly great news - is that all of the crazy paranoia about swine flu is over!  For so long, many people were quite on edge about swine flu.  Those bottles of hand sanitizer were everywhere, with the premise that hand sanitizer would prevent swine flu.

Additionally, there was worry on the other side as well.  Non-vaxers were concerned that the swine flu vaccine would become mandatory, surpassing the legal protection of vaccine exemptions.  All kinds of scary possibilities go along with the potential for mandatory vaccine, and non-vaxers needed to be prepared.

In the end, pharmaceutical companies clearly made a good profit from the swine flu.  And, the American people had big losses, both in the form of wasted money and swine flu vaccine-injuries.

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