Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Super Comment from Another Feingold Mom!

<<< Our oldest son, after being on The Feingold Diet for two months.  No more splotchy red cheeks!

I previously wrote that our oldest son has been on The Feingold Diet  (http://www.feingold.org/)  since age 4.  A reader wrote that her son has also been on The Feingold Diet since age 4.  And guess how old he is now?  He is 38 years old!

I was so happy to hear about her 38-year-old Feingold son :)  I've heard SO many people tell me that our oldest son will quit The Feingold Diet when he grows up.  Our early therapists said that while The Feingold Diet may work *now*, our son will rebel from his Diet as a teen.  Often, this has been said while implying that what our son really needs is the almighty psychiatric medications, rather than some "unproven" diet.

As with my reader, my mom actually learned of The Feingold Diet about 35 years ago.  At that time, my family lived in Northern California and belonged to Kaiser Permanente's health plan.  Dr. Ben Feingold was a practitioner with Northern California's Kaiser Permanente, and it seems that Kaiser Permanente members had the great opportunity of being the first to learn about The Feingold Diet.  My mom even has her notes from Dr. Feingold's seminar :)


  1. Hi,
    Was your mom part of the local Feingold Assoc. chapter in northern CA? That's where we started the Program. Dr. Feingold played a big part in our group. We had a birthday party for him each June. My son felt very important being his friend!
    Mom of the 38 year old

  2. Hi Markey -

    I think that my mom just attended Dr. Feingold's seminar(s) at Kaiser. I think she may have heard about it from our next door neighbor, who had a son who was a good Feingold candidate :) I think my mom learned a lot at the seminar(s) and was subsequently a big health food store shopper.

    Very cool about your Feingold group!