Monday, May 3, 2010

A Diet to End AD(H)D and More!

Pictured below:  Our oldest son, at
age two, before The Feingold Diet -
with a salicylate-caused rash on his face.

Wow, there is actually a diet that ends AD(H)D? A diet that ends many other conditions as well - including behavior issues, learning issues, and overall health issues?  A diet that even helps dramatically with conditions on the autism spectrum?

We have first-hand experience with this impressive diet - The Feingold Diet.  Our oldest son has been on The Feingold Diet for seven years - and we have happily seen tremendous benefits for him, especially relating to behavior.

I first read about The Feingold Diet in Mothering Magazine, about eight years ago.  At that time, I asked both our son's pediatrician and our son's psychologist (yes, he had a psychologist at age three!) for their opinions of The Feingold Diet.  They both said the same things:  doesn't work, a waste of time, and unhealthy.

The psychologist instead said that "One-Two-Three Magic" was what our son needed - not a silly diet.  Additionally, she referred our son to a psychiatrist - to talk about psychiatric medication for a three-year-old.  Soon after this, my husband got a job in another state, allowing us to find new doctors.  Our son's psychologist kindly referred him to a developmental pediatrician at a major children's hospital in our new city.  Thankully for us, our son's new developmental pediatrician prescribed The Feingold Diet for our son!  (Probably not quite what our son's psychologist was anticipating!)

The Feingold Diet was originally known for treating AD(H)D, but now it has been shown to treat so much more!  For our son, his big gains with The Feingold Diet have been behavioral.  Most of all, The Feingold Diet greatly diminished his aggression.

There is much more to say about The Feingold Diet.  In upcoming posts, I will talk about The Feingold Diet in great detail, including: 
(1) Symptoms that may be helped by The Feingold Diet,
(2) What The Feingold Diet eliminates and why, and
(3) Why The Feingold Diet is effective.
Plus More!

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  1. Your son's picture in this post speaks volumes!!! I am just beginning the Feingold Diet for our son who also has the rashes and has had them since he was 1 yr old!!! The irony was that I immediately thought he was allergic to red food dye, but it never panned out and then I found Feingold and I was like...WOW!!! I am also going to be blogging about our experience and am so glad to not be alone on this journey!!!! Thank you for your wonderful posts and recipes!