Monday, December 6, 2010

Eggs: Why Organic?

Last week, The Pure Baby (PB) had a fun - though quite cold! - day at a nearby Audobon nature center and farm!  Among other things, the farm raises chickens and actually sells "free-range" eggs for $4.50/dozen.  The eggs, though, are not "USDA organic" - so we did not take any eggs home with us. 

I think that there is probably lots of confusion regarding "free-range" or "cage-free" versus "USDA organic" and possibly some people may be confused into thinking that "free-range" or "cage-free" is "USDA organic".  The labels of "free-range and "cage-free" are basically unverified claims that any egg producer can claim.  Essentially - and very sadly -, that means that "free-range" and "cage-free" are worthless when one is seeking the healthiest eggs to take home to his or her family.

For our family, buying "USDA organic" eggs is extremely important for the following reasons:
1- "USDA organic" eggs are free of antibiotics  - and -
2- USDA organic" eggs are free of arsenic.

Sadly non-organic eggs are contaminated very much in the same way as non-organic chicken.  Lots of antibiotics and lots of arsenic.  Not what you want to serve your family.

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